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Paragon traders is the go-to asset marketplace for everyone, helping to create wealth and joy in life for a global society. At Paragon traders we believe in the power of community and trust. We strive towards being the most accessible marketplace while holding ourselves to the highest regulatory standards.

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Trading has never been so easy

Giving you the needed freedom to Trade Using Our Custom Trading Tools. Please Note that using the official mobile app will interfere with the advanced trading algorithm. For Minimal profit and Low Risk, Please Use Paragon made for beginners.

Investment and trading

We provide individuals and institutions with access to financial instruments and crypto trading on a secure and easy-to-use platform for trading.

Financial education

We will educate our community to become more financially educated and directly apply their knowledge on digital markets, cryptocurrencies, and crypto trading.

Institutional trading venue

We offer trading opportunities to a range of institutions – from brokers to fintech companies to (neo)banks and investment firms.

Experience the intuitive way to trade

Paragon traders is an easy-to-use platform for managing your portfolio. The Europe-based digital assets exchange enables you to buy, store, and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other crypto-assets while being able to deposit and withdraw crypto-assets.

  • Live Technical Analysis
  • Live Market Data
  • Live Cryptocurrency Price
  • Deposit & Withdraw
  • Buy & Sell
  • Coin Listing
  • Manage Wallets
  • Market depth

Benefit from unlimited connectivity

Access digital assets markets through your own trading program to conduct your data gathering or automated trading, including trade and order book data, creating orders, tracking portfolios, and streaming WebSockets.

  • Live Gainers Tracking
  • Live Losers Tracking
  • Live Market Data
  • Live Cryptocurrency Price
  • Past Coin Price check


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